Rusty's Story

Rusty came to Horse North Rescue on December 5th 2014, along with a mini pony stallion named Twinkles. They were both in terrible shape and had been surrendered to Animal Control. Rusty's life started to change in November when a fellow horse owner/lover happened to drive home a different route and saw two emaciated horses from the road. She pulled over and immediately called Animal Control to report the neglected horses. She was truly Rusty's advocate and would not let the matter rest, using her legal knowledge to help in any way she could.

   Sadly, Rusty's pasture mate Mary died before the horses were relinquished. When Rusty and Twinkles arrived at the rescue our dedicated volunteers got to work on their long road to recovery. Rusty was lucky to survive his former "home" and was so emaciated he almost didn't have the strength to step up into the trailer.

   We had one of our local veterinarians, Dr Todd Rabb , out to examine them that evening. He placed Rusty's body score at a one, which is the lowest score a horse can receive. Twinkles was a body score of three, which is also not acceptable. They were both in bad need of dental care and had not received farrier care in quite some time.

Rusty is doing well on a diet of soaked hay pellets. His teeth are in such poor condition he is unable to chew hay. He and Twinkles have been trimmed by our farrier Trent Smith, who donates his time helping out our rescue horses. Rusty has also made his TV debut on 9 & 10 news about a week after arriving at the rescue. He and Twinkles are being doted on by our many caring volunteers and will never again have to wonder if someone is going to feed them.

Check out Rusty's news debut here!


Pictures of Rusty's Progress



Rusty has had a very long road to recovery and there have been ups and downs along the way. Rusty has had many people working to help him and Wiggles recover from their life of pain. There were sleepless nights when our volunteers checked on Rusty and cared for him when he was showing signs of colic and hours that our volunteers spent in the frigid cold to give Rusty the care he needed. It has been a long journey from the terrible conditions that Rusty and Wiggles were found in but we are so excited to see Rusty as he is now, a spunky happy healthy boy! Rusty has worked his way into the hearts of all of our volunteers, specifically one of Horse North Rescue's own board members, Deb, who has applied to be Rusty's forever mom! Rusty we are so excited for the amazing years you have ahead of you! 



Update on Rusty! 

Rusty has been renamed to Raphael (barn name Rafe') and is thriving in his new home. His mom Deb loves him and dotes on him daily. He has many wonderful herd mates with whom he gets along with well. He is even boarded at the same barn that Mr. Wiggles is! Horse North Rescue could not be more happy to give his update on sweet Rafe'.

                                                      Rusty update