Anne Keith, HNR Secretary & Board Member

Anne Keith has been around horses most of her life, and has loved them since she could say the word “horse.” She saved her babysitting and lawnmowing money to buy her first horse at age 13. Although she hasn't been a horse owner in quite a while, she was fully involved in horse raising, training, showing, giving lessons, and even driving Standardbreds for many years. For much of that time, she lived on a farm and managed her own barn. She was also able to benefit from a father-in-law who was a very active member in 4-H, the Kalamazoo County Fair, and horse-raising himself, and who taught her a great deal. She first became involved with Horse North Rescue in 2016 after retiring from a teaching career. She says, “I hope to be able to repay horses for all that they've given to me over the years.”