Sadie - Adoption Pending

This 10 year Quarter Horse mix standing at 14.2H is very sweet. She is a wonderfully trained gem and would make an excellent first horse for a young child. Sadie does, however, some physical limitations due to an old injury that did not heal correctly in her front fetlock. Our vet has taken a close look and informed us that she should not carry an adult passenger, she is sound only for walk/trot and only a child rider with total weight under 75 lbs. Our teen assistant trainer, Faith, observed that Sadie picks up a walk with only a voice cue (clucking) and at the most only a light nudge with the feet, has a great neck rein (good for young'uns since they can hold the horn and still be learning to steer) and a solid stop. She is a laid back, calm horse and will gladly hold a walk and babysit her rider, and will even happily stand still. Sadie is smart and quick on the uptake. Faith reintroduced her to some backing, which she probably learned in the past but it had been dulled by no release, and with a few quick practices, she was backing on a very light request. Marian, our Trainer, has also introduced Sadie to driving which she reponded very well to also. UPDATE: Sadie has undergone some xrays on her front foot and it is determined she will suffer from arthritis as she ages and requires a special home that can give her the care she needs.  If this sounds like your perfect pasture pet, please contact us as her fee will be waived.

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